Quinoa and potato cake with fennel salad and roasted vegetables.

Quinoa and potato cake with fennel salad and roasted vegetables.

Mitchell’s Ocean Club has created a delicious potato quinoa cake vegan entrée with a tasty sauce, a vibrant fennel salad and perfectly grilled vegetables- all of which also happen to be gluten-free. When you want to enjoy a vegan meal in a fine dining atmosphere, this is certainly one place in Columbus (Easton) that makes that possible. These items are not listed on the menu, however they are always available, you just have to make your vegan requirements known.

In 2006 scientists sounded the alarm that the track humanity is currently on with its increasing human populations, increasing pollution acidifying the water and creating ocean dead zones, as well as the ever increasing five islands of plastic waste each currently the size of Texas, the oceans will be empty of fish by 2048. That was before the BP disaster and Fukushima that continues to spew unknown amounts of radioactive waste into the Pacific.

The sooner society makes a vegan shift; the sooner we avoid destroying the world that gives us life. Sophie’s Kitchen and MatchMeats both provide excellent plant-based alternatives such as crab cakes, fish filets, shrimp, scallops, lobster, smoked salmon and other alternative meats. Impossible foods and The Herbivorous Butcher and others are developing amazing steak/beef alternatives.

Here is an excellent article by Chef Skye Michael Conroy on why he makes vegan alternative meats; we call them analogues.

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