Pictured: Veganized Northstar Burger with a winter vegetable salad (Photo by Eriyah Flynn)
Northstar Cafe has the best vegan burger in town! If the major burger chains developed and offered an affordable vegan option even half this delicious, instead of a careless “alternative” most likely to be mistaken for a hockey puck, we would be well on our way to a more socially just society and ideally reestablishing the Amazonian rain-forest. We have lost well over 80 percent of the Amazon- the lungs of the world, and the resulting incomprehensible number of species extinctions in the last 60 years to our gluttonous consumption of cheaper, convenient burgers (which can be comprised of the decaying flesh of possibly 1000 cows, a lot of excrement/pathogens, unnecessary terror, pain, suffering, death and according to the FDA; 500 to 600 chemicals not listed on the nutritional data label). There are many vegan friendly items on the Northstar menus, and they are dedicated to local, organic, environmentally conscious methods of operations/buildings/locations (3). Northstar Cafe (Short North, Clintonville and Easton), are all open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. Eriyah’s Favorites: Winter Vegetable Salad (sub avocado for cheese), wild rice, and a shooting star.

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