Sign from restaurant

Photos by Eriyah Flynn

Paris 75 Cafe in Olde Dublin is a quaint and simply adorable boutique teeming with European flair and fascination. It’s not a dine-indoors restaurant experience, however they have a patio, a few tables, and chairs to sit on outdoors and snack on the several foreign foods they offer to eat or drink: chocolate bars that offer either non-vegan and vegan milk (almond-based) and chocolate - yes, not the usual dark chocolate. 

Other treats include: handcrafted French macaroons and other pastries (non-vegan, but some are dairy-free and gluten-free); fudge (both non-vegan and three vegan options which are vanilla, rum raisin, and salted-caramel; a cashew nut-based vegan craft cheeze brand from Spain with seven uncommon flavors in the US/vegan market to choose from including bleu cheeze, pimento, onion, white, quince, truffle, and blueberry; as well as delicious pumpkin-based vegan jerky, vegan mayo, vegan pesto, and an herb spread by the same company.

There is also an interesting assortment of artisan jams, jellies, fruit juices and nectars. There is dry tea from Nina’s Paris, including the original The Marie-Antoinette royal tea 1672, available for purchase too.  

There is much to discover there, in spite of the small space indoors. Anticipating an exciting vegan community event collaboration coming soon, so stay posted. Meanwhile, make your way over sometime to discover Paris 75 Cafe in the “Old Dublin” neighborhood of Dublin.      

Business: Paris 75 Cafe 
Address: 91 S. High St., Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone: (614) 260-3586
Open: Mon-Fri from 10:30 am to 3:00pm, Sat till 5pm and Sun till 4pm