Hamburger-looking bun and food next to lettuce, tomato and other food

Passport 196 just launched in October 2017 in Upper Arlington on the corner of Fishinger and Riverside Drive (33). They serve an assortment of Caribbean fusion food with jerk seasonings. Azariyah Aiyetoro, the brother of Passport 196’s founder John Hudson, who manages the restaurant, recently made a vegan shift in consciousness and wanted to offer a more robust, full-service (appetizer to dessert) vegan menu in addition to their current conventional menu. These are exciting times for our Vegan Options Daily campaign as they consulted’s concierge on the local market gaps and decided to include a vegan fishless (Gardein) sandwich, in addition to the grilled chickless (Gardien) sandwich, and vegan burger (Beyond Meat).

Their equivalent Vegan Options Daily menu will launch on July 19, 2018 and the Columbus Vegan Meetup will be there all day (lunch and dinner) to celebrate. We advised them to go with local, organic, vegan equivalent options as much as possible. They have already partnered with Jeni’s for their vegan dairy-free dark chocolate truffle (coconut milk-based). They will offer vegan condiments such as Veganaise, an original house-made vegan pesto mayo, vegan tartar sauce, Follow Your Heart vegan cheeze, vegan buns (including a pretzel bun) and other surprise vegan desserts.

Event news: Remember to get your black Nonviolence United VEGAN shirt on and remember to join our 6th annual 300 Vegans event at the Columbus Doo Dah Parade (35th year) on July 4th (rain or shine) to connect spectators to our awesome thriving community.

Passport 196

Location: 2816 Fishinger Rd., Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221

Hours: Open Sat 2pm to 12 pm Sun 10am-10PM, Mon-Thur 11am-11pm and Fri 11am-12am

Pictured (Flynn 2018): Vegan Fishless Filet on a vegan pretzel bun.


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