Weird looking pizza

Red, white and Greenpeace pizza

Paulie Gee’s, located in the Short North on High Street, has just broken through the cheese barrier by introducing the Columbus restaurant goers to a creamy and absolutely deliciously decadent, house made, cashew-based, vegan ricotta cheese for its socially-just pizza toppings. Paulie Gee’s also offers other vegan alternatives such as house vegan sausage and breadcrumbs.    

They have also strategically partnered with the recent expansion of another local sociallyjust dining favorite, The Angry Baker, to cover fabulous vegan dessert offerings.  The evolution of restaurant food must shift to plant-based favorites, as our global consciousness adapts to the reality of a human population at 7.5 billion people that has limited planetary resources.   

Savvy restaurateurs should jump on the vegan bandwagon as soon as possible if they want to survive what our current ecology demands. Humanity exists on a finite planet that has not adequately slowed population growth and continues to operate with culturally traditional, yet arcane, violent and inefficient methods of producing food.     Restaurateurs can look to The Gentle Chef for plant-based alternatives if they have the courage and insight to adapt to a more peaceful, healthier and sustainable system. Chef Skye Michael Conroy just published a new book with great cheese recipes, for example: “All of the cheeses in this mini-cookbook, as well as my new Greek-Style Cultured Almond Yogurt, are gluten-free, soy-free, and free of added starches, gums and gels. Most of the cheeses are free of added oils, with the exception of the Greek Feta and Almond Cream Cheese which utilize refined coconut oil for texture and mouthfeel.”     

Paulie Gee’s
Location: 1195 N. High St. Columbus
Open: Tues-Thurs and Sun 4-10 PM, Fri & Sat 4-11 PM, closed Monday

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