In April this year, it was no fool’s joke that Portia’s Café opened, and met desperately needed options setting the bar for a 7 points standard in restaurant salient service consciousness: 1) Vegan, 2) local, 3) organic & fair trade, 4) non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMOs), 5) gluten-free, 6) raw (nutritionally dense), and even 7) fluoride-free filtered water! Not everyone who wants to eat vegan is vegan, yet informed consumers are teeming towards robustly healthier, sustainable options, and Portia’s offers just that, with delicious living foods selections. The atmosphere is warmly charming with its bright, colorful earth tones and lively Latin music with friendly, very clean restaurant and restroom service. Don’t let the small size of the restaurant dining room fool you; over 50 vegans were served during a recent Columbus Vegan Meetup group event with overflow seating outside in the back parking lot (weather permitting). If you get a lettuce wrap, pay the nominal charge to add the gluten-free wrap on the side for a more filling meal. They are located in Clintonville, at 4428 Indianola Ave. Columbus, 43214. Open Tue- Sat 11 to 9 and Sun 11 to 3. Eriyah’s Favorites: Raw Broccoli Soup & Raw Notuna wrap Notuna Wrap with gluten-free wrap Photos: Eriyah Flynn (3) Lentil Soup and Azure’s Favorite Green Smoothie Guacamole