Close up of a sandwich with lettuce and tomato spilling out the side

Breakfast sandwich, by Eriyah Flynn

Portia Yiamouyiannis knocked down a wall in Porta’s Cafe and opened the expanded new coffee shop and deli concept “Portia’s Next Door” on Indianola in Clintonville on Feb 11, 2019. I’m already delighted with the “eggless salad” and the many prepared deli-style salads one can discover there. Portia has also teamed up with Eric “Tofu Louie” Ma creating a dynamic duo for delectable vegan sushi pop-ups featuring “vegan carrot lox, cucumbers and cream cheeze” rolls; “scallops” (mushrooms); and a “sashimi with avocado roll.” Spare the fishes and get your sushi on with sustainable, socially-just, healthier consuming plants. That amazing breakfast sandwich is the cholesterol-free, low-on-the-tropic-level-biomagnification, healthier option bomb, too.     


VeganShift and the Columbus Vegan Meetup are doing their monthly vegan book club featuring Dr. Michael Greger’s latest “How Not to Die” book, hosted by Joy Lawrence of Pure Joy Massage and Yoga on April 8th in Westerville, also  “Second Saturday Ask a Vegan” lunchtime dine-in event on April 13 at Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen in Hilliard. It’s All Natural is running their Spring Holiday Pop-up Market at the Ching Ter Maytreya Temple on Sunday April 14. Join our meetup to learn more details about other upcoming events at

Portia’s Next Door & Tofu Louie

Location: Indianola Ave, Clintonville Ohio

Hours: Mon-Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 8:00am-3 pm -Sunday



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