Sign in back of food at a grocery store saying Bienvenidos al de Saraga

Saraga International Grocery is an expanding local trove of the exotic foods of other global cultures. As an American, even one who has served overseas for three years, I admit how ignorantly sheltered I’ve been from many palatal possibilities and abundant produce varieties in the standard flavors and diverse nutritional food profiles around the planet (in spite of unprecedented marketplace access available today). For those who do not concern themselves with organic certifications, the pricing here makes many of our more familiar fresh produce items affordably accessible.

What a spectacular array of interesting vegetables, fruit, dates (a great source of potassium and fiber with sweetness), spices and condiments selection! They cover the ingredients and brands from regions of Africa, Asia (and a small cafe featuring Tibetan and Nepalese fare), Central and South America (and even, specifically Mexico), South Asia, Europe (TEA!) and of course, even some of the usual American brands. There was a solid representation non-GMO certified tofu and a couple of plant-milk options. I will need a translator to verify the vegan options on some of the other packaged and frozen foods to see if they have a solid representation of 100% plant-based vegan alternatives to animal products.

VeganShift and the Columbus Vegan Meetup will be celebrating the Its All Natural Temple Store – A Spooky Good Time Vegan Pop-up with “Trunk or Treat” on Sunday, Oct 27 from 11am to 3pm with authentic vegan Asian food,  and more. Join our Meetup to learn about other upcoming events such as our book club on Monday, Oct 14, featuring “The Powerarchy” by Melanie Joy. 

Saraga Markets

1265 Morse Rd. and 3353 Cleveland Ave. Open 8am-9:30pm 365 days a year    


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