Photo of Vegan Mushroom filled Pastry with grilled asparagus and baked potato

Vegan Mushroom filled Pastry with grilled asparagus and baked potato

Smith & Wollensky Columbus Steakhouse in Easton serves a smart and an original vegan option (with advanced nutritional requirements notice) that is pretty exciting to those who enjoy a savory varietal mushroom filled pasty. If you have a penchant for grilled asparagus, baked potatoes, varietal olives and the biggest, saltiest, capers I’ve experienced, you will resonate with their vegan offerings. Healthy, fresh berries finish the meal but don’t satisfy that tempting chocolate craving you may have (especially when you witness other desserts non-vegans delight in- FYI vegan chocolate exists). However, there was some confusion with the team on the salad dressing and the mashed potatoes presented, because both contained dairy. If you have allergies or a heart/cancer/diabetes condition or prevention strategy for which you are avoiding animal products, you will want to remain vigilant on qualifying suspicious offerings.

As the inefficiencies and disconnect of our present, dominant, cultural practices and human population explosion continues to necessitate and accelerate our urgent need for foundational shifts across all social infrastructural spectrums, technology continues to provide remarkably realistic alternative solutions such as plant-based steaks and burgers that are better for the world in every possible way. If you have not yet discovered Impossible Foods, Vegetarian Butcher, or The Herbivorous Butcher prepare yourself for embracing ethically urgent, economically unavoidable, delicious, nutritious global human evolution.
Smith & Wollensky:
Located at: 4145 The Strand, Columbus, Ohio 43219



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Photo by Eriyah Flynn


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