A piece of food on a plate with other similar items, looks like a baked potato with lots of greens, tomatoes, other brownish things on top.

Pictured (E.Flynn 2017): Vegan Bruschetta

Trattoria Roma, located in the main downtown artery of Grandview, has a vegan friendly staff and excellent service level. They surprised me with their very tasty and robust veganized bruschetta (cashews) and a hearty farro dish. When you are looking for a romantic, fine dining atmosphere for Valentines Day, or any other celebratory occasion, they have great vegan eats. I highly recommend them. They are happy to accommodate special menu requests, you should ideally let them know you are vegan when making your reservation.  

An exclusive, local, vegan food dining experience by Griffeth Events, in partnership with Sobremesa Street Kitchen and Simple Times Mixers, are again delivering an “out of sight” opportunity you may want to consider this month: Dining in the Dark on Feb 10th at 1400 Food Lab (formerly known as The Commissary).

I had the pleasure of attending their inaugural event of this kind in November 2017 and it was an intriguing and well-executed experience. 2018 is tracking well for rapid vegan infrastructure growth as people are deciding that following their conscience and ethics with consistent behavior of nonviolence towards our fellow earthlings is easier than ever.

Trattoria Roma
Location: 1447 Grandview Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43212
Open Daily: Friday and Saturday 4- 10pm, Sunday- Thurs 4 -9pm

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