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Do you ever wonder how vegans survive, or rather, have the discipline to live without dessert, or actually believe vegans live a life of such stinking deprivation? Are you a would-be-vegan or a new vegan desperate for vegan dessert in what seems like a vegan dessert desert? Wonder and despair no more. These Columbus locations provide delicious, decadent vegan dessert options:

Portia's Cafe - several varieties of raw vegan nut-based cheesecakes, avocado-based chocolate mousse, and key-lime pie, macaroons
Loving Hut, Columbus Ohio - chocolate cake, carrot cake, strawberry and cream cake, cheese cake, vegan smoothies shakes
Pattycake Bakery - standard vegan, gluten-free vegan, raw/nut based etc. cakes, cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies, buckeye (chocolate and peanut butter) bars, a variety of sticky buns on the weekends and occasional fruit, nut or pumpkin pies.
Hadley’s Bar and Kitchen - vegan ice cream sundae among others
Oddfellows Liquor Bar - random, surprise and delicious vegan sweets at their brunches and Monday night Woodhouse vegan pop-ups from apple crisp, no-bake cookies, brownies with toasted marshmallows, chocolate and other variations of rice crispy treats, snicker doodle cookies, soft pretzel bites to name a few options not all are on the same menu every time
Strongwater Food and Spirits - vegan pot de crème: Chocolate mousse topped with coconut whipped cream and fresh berries
The Angry Baker University District and Old Town East- brownies, cookies, coffee cake, sticky buns/cinnamon rolls, scones
Destination Donuts and Brezel - vegan options in the North Market
Caffe' Apropos on 3rd in Harrison West - vegan cake by Nanak bakery cakes whom you can get a variety of vegan cakes on special order, which offers a super-light, low-sugar, fluffy, cake in at least one flavor every day chocolate, vanilla, some variation of berry and chocolate and or berry and vanilla. 
Gigi's Cupcakes USA - a variety of vegan cupcakes
Banana Leaf - a couple vegan desserts- sweetened cream of wheat and almonds, and some very sugary fried traditional sweet
Mazzah Mediterranean Grill - vegan baklava and other Mediterranean traditional sweets
Bamboo Cafe Thai Kitchen - a coconut milk sweet sticky rice pudding with fruit mango and raspberry with peanuts and nutmeg.
Nida's Thai on High - housemade coconut ice cream
Aladdin's Eatery Columbus - apple spice crumb bar by Sweetheart Bakery
Bareburger Clintonville - vegan milkshakes, cocobanana coconut milk ice cream, bananas, toasted coconut, cherries and chocolate sauce and carrot cake
Diamonds Ice cream - dairy-free Paleta fruit bars of several flavors or Agua Fresca lime, guava, passion fruit, and some fruit sorbets kiwi, strawberry, passion fruit, mango
One Line Coffee-Short North - often offers vegan Destination Donuts
Stauf's Coffee Roasters - offers Pattycake baked vegan goods
Crimson Cup Coffee House - offers Pattycake baked vegan goods
Chef Del Sroufe - will make amazing cakes at Wellness Forum Foods on special order

There are vegan desserts at the frozen section of most grocers in town now - Whole Foods Market, Kroger natural foods section, Giant Eagle, Lucky's Market Columbus, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Worthington, Raisin Rack Natural Food Market in Westerville, Trader Joe's Sawmill and Easton, and of course you cannot forget the vegan community favorites these stores carry predominantly vegan products: It's All Natural in Gahanna, Clintonville Natural Foods in Clintonville, and then there is Bexley Natural Market in Bexley.

When I was a child, no one ever offered me an honest choice of “Would you like the “nice-cream” or the “death cream;” they innocuously offered me a dessert called “ice-cream.”  Had I known the truth about what happened to the mothers and their calves we called “dairy cows” and “veal,” and that it was a direct result of this sweet not-so-innocent delight among other products, I would have chosen the “nice cream.”

This summer, show children a nonviolent option consistent with their innate love of animals: On June 18th, It's All Natural will be hosting a Vegan Ice Cream social. Join us for a delicious afternoon filled with cold, tasty sundaes with assorted toppings. 3-5pm. Tickets are $5, and all proceeds will directly support the upcoming Vegan Pop-Up Markets.

It's All Natural
Location: 1360 Cherry Bottom Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43230

Mon: Closed Tue-Thurs: 10AM-7PM, Fri-Sat: 10AM-6PM, Sun: 12PM-4PM





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