Food on a plate with striped brown and beige sauce on top

Pictured (Flynn 2018): Rollin Fattie

Village Taco just launched their new restaurant, spicing up the sprouting vegan scene in the sleepy Alexandria community east of Columbus near Granville. And WOW, they also teamed up with Doughasis and Whit’s (Clintonville) to deliver seriously decadent frozen brownie or blondie dessert combos.

This is a full-service, 100% vegan menu from appetizer (nachos, fries, chili, popcorn chickun) to walking burritos (Rollin Fatties), enchiladas, and tacos, and taco salads, to dessert. Most people wouldn’t know it since they are offering seasoned shredded plant-chickun, seasoned ground plant-beaf and spicy chipotle plant-porq – meat alternatives that are rocking the town into vegan consciousness in ways they never imagined.

In true “socially just” intent, they also procure the majority of their produce from organic and locally produced businesses (Sunbeam, Bird’s Haven Farm, Lucky Cat) within five miles of the restaurant, and their wraps are from Koki’s Tortillas on the west side of Columbus. All lights are LED running the place on 100 watts (vs. 1000 watts) for lighting, and the materials they used on the interior were reclaimed materials from the local area (exception griddle/fryer and cooking equipment which was all new/pristine).  

VeganShift and the Columbus Vegan Meetup are doing their monthly “Second Saturday Ask a Vegan” lunchtime dine-in event on January 12 at Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen in Hilliard. Join our meetup to learn about other upcoming events here.  

Village Taco
Location: 67 E. Main St., Alexandria, Ohio
Hours: Friday 11:30am-7:30pm, Saturday 11:30am-7:30pm -Sunday 10am- 2:30pm

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