Burger and fries

Village Taco special burger, photo by Eriyah Flynn

Village Taco reopened their newest location last month on Parsons Avenue (formerly Hal & Al's and TatoHeads) with yet another 100 percent plant-based vegan menu to the greater Columbus metropolitan restaurant market. Sitting within a block of Two Dollar Radio and new vegan bar Daddy’s, this neighborhood is fast becoming nicknamed “Vegandale of Columbus” (following the vegan neighborhood in Toronto, Canada).

Their menu boasts much more than tacos, too. They definitely do the typical TexMex favorites one expects from a taco joint: fat burritos, chimichangas, enchiladas and holy Toledo – fried vegan ice-cream. They can even wow patrons with loaded double decker burgers, popcorn chickun and have a kid’s menu, too.

Village Taco continues to feature local items by other vegan community food leaders like Seitan’s Realm (bacun) and Moonflower Bakery (Churro cake.) This new location is one of the few 100 percent vegan places that can seat large groups of people. They have continued to expand their offerings and hours and intend on reaching the point of being open seven days a week and continue to do events with their food truck around the city and state.                

The Columbus vegan community continues to have exciting events throughout March such as the book club on Monday, March 9, featuring “The Minimalist Vegan” by Masa and Michael Ofei, and more which can be found on the Columbus Vegan Meetup website. Exciting times in 2020 as vegan consciousness and vegan job opportunities spread with the opening of nearly a dozen restaurants over the last year.

Village Taco
Address: 1297 Parsons Avenue 
Hours: Open: Fri and Sat 3:pm to 12:00am, Tue 3pm to 11pm, Sun 3pm to 9pm. 
Closed: Mondays, Wed, Thur

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