Cauliflower steak and sweet potatoes

Walrus has distinguished itself as the first restaurant in Columbus to entice diners to the delicious and delightful, compassionate and ethically consistent, as well as healthy and sustainable delicacy of a char-grilled cauliflower steak drizzled in richly decadent balsamic “glaze” paired with sweet potatoes garnished with edible flowers. Thank you for breaking the Midwest cultural barrier on this ecologically and economically resilient plant-based alternative to disease promoting and chemical/radiation and pathogen cocktail infusion dominantly contributed to by conventional daily exposure to consuming animal-based products. In 1983 the NYT publicized the FDA’s knowledge that America’s animal products contained 500-600 toxic contaminants not listed on the labels, so one has to wonder; why have these atrocities remained a staple on menus for so long? Any critical thinker should be led to question; what part facts like this play in the health and financial crisis our nation is presently collapsing under? What possible reason would allow our economic subsidized incentives to be structured to promote the poisoning, disability and disease destroying our families and national productivity as well as earth’s animals and ecology, instead of promoting a thriving, productive and sustainable wellness economy that recognizes our interconnected world? Must see movies: Forks Over Knives, Plant Pure Nation and Cowspiracy. Must read books: Meatonomics and The World Peace Diet. can connect people to the resources needed to thrive.    

Walrus Kitchen and Public House:
Located in the Red Brick District Downtown on the corner of Main and 4th at 143 E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43202.
Open Daily 11am to 2am. Weekend Brunch till 3 pm
Pictured (Photo Eriyah Flynn): Cauliflower steak and sweet potatoes