A square white plate filled with vegetables and green garnishes

Pictured (E.Flynn 2016): Caramel Apple Kale Salad 

The Well, located in the southeastern outlier of central Ohio city of Lancaster, is a fantastic gem that rivals the best of local socially just dining experiences. The Well gives careful consideration of where and how the food they serve is produced (non-GMO, organic, locally sourced), and prepare it with nutrient dense and deliciously creative, and yet familiar flavor combinations. The menu is predominantly vegan or veganizeable, entirely gluten-free, low to no sugar, low to no oil, and includes probiotic rich foods.

The atmosphere, energy and food speak to wellness, with their consideration for the various health concerns and sensitivities people may have. They have even attempted to mitigate potential contamination of chemicals and plastic by using all glass, and metal food service products (even stainless steel straws) and bio-degradable to-go containers. If you are traveling southeast of Columbus during the work week, you must stop in here.

Columbus happens to be home to the first (and now a global event) the Arnold Fitness EXPO/ Arnold Sports Festival every year in late winter. While Arnold is most well known for his tremendous successes in bodybuilding and blockbuster action films, the former governor of California has seriously stepped up his dynamic nature by bravely engaging in the social justice subject of sustainability and pollution, in spite of the current political power structure’s climate change denial and censorship. VeganShift has asked Arnold to champion Vegan Options Daily to ensure vegan products are available, affordable and accessible for everyone everywhere every day. A vegan shift can heal the world.    

The Well
Location: 203 South Broad St., Lancaster, Ohio
Open: Mon-Friday 8 AM to 3 PM

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