I first discovered the ZenCha Tea salon several years back as a participant of a local Philosophy meet-up group. I have been a tea lover for as long as I can remember and this peaceful, elegant sanctuary has a very clean, uncluttered, organized, and zen-like lighting and music atmosphere regardless of which of the three locations you choose. It is a place that is reminiscent of that Karate Kid 2 tea ceremony feeling. I will note that the menu is not the same in all locations, which is why I recently had a new revelation of delight at the Bexley location (I’m more prone to dinning at the High St. or Gay St. locations). I nearly leapt out of the booth with excitement with how delicious the yakisoba dish was with its “tangy yaki” sauce. The staff was very friendly and conscious of vegan requirements and other socially just concerns such as local economy produce (though not with the teas), non- GMO and organic sourcing. I trust them to provide bubble tea that does not contain a conventional chemical concoction of syrups, (they use real fruit cordials and extracts) although be advised that they do use a “non-dairy creamer” that is NOT vegan. Zen Cha Tea salons are located at 19 Gay St. (Downtown), 2396 E. Main (Bexley) and 982 N. High St. (Short North) Columbus. Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm, Sunday 10am - 3pm http://zen- Eriyah’s Favorites: Cherry Rooibos, Mango Green Bubble Tea, and Vegan Yakisoba

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