Edith surrounded by four other Latino people

Take Action:
Call Senator Sherrod Brown and leave voicemails. Edith Espinal has now been fasting for days. Join her in her fight and commit to fasting for a meal or even a whole day as support. Post a selfie or a sign with #FastWithEdith - make sure to tag Solidarity CWith Edith Espinal and also U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.  Make sure to continue calling and leaving messages for Senator Brown over the weekend. Ask him to visit Edith in sanctuary and let him know we are looking for a yes or no answer and that Edith is not eating until we get one.  We want to know “yes or no” is he going to meet with her in sanctuary to discuss her ideas on how they can work together? Columbus office: (614) 469-2083, DC office: (202) 224-2315.  Thanks for all the help and support for Edith and her family.