Miriam Vargas and words Citizen Miriam

Our dear friend Miriam Vargas has now been in sanctuary at First English Lutheran Church for two years (or 731 days). How many days do you estimate that you’ve been in quarantine or practicing robust social distancing – mostly from home? These past few months we have all been deepening our understanding and empathy for Miriam’s painful situation through our newly lived experiences. We now have an easy way for you to act on that deeper empathy through an app called Tithely. Some of you are already familiar with this easy support mechanism through your own congregation. 

To support Miriam and her family with their living expenses and legal fees simply access this service on your computer through this link – or get the app on your smartphone. When you sign up (it’s free), you will choose the First English Lutheran as the desired church, and then choose from a menu of options that you wish to donate to Miriam Vargas. Select your preferred amount, then indicate whether it will be a recurring donation or a one-time donation. 

It’s that easy! Everyone who signs up for a recurring donation from now until the end of July will receive a personal thank you note from Miriam along with a small surprise thank you gift. She – and her family –are deeply grateful for your support.