Photo courtesy of Ohio Pies

Last Thanksgiving I wrotethat the country was more divided than ever and it was probably for the best that families had to remain socially distanced from each other after the 2020 election. Now, here we are –– a mere year later –– and Thanksgiving is once again upon us, which means all of our families’ turkeys are coming home to roost. 2021 has turned out to be just as politically chaotic in Ohio and across our country as its predecessor, so perhaps it’s finally time to serve our families some crow and humble pie this Thanksgiving. When eaten, both of these dishes are defined as making the consumer “admit that they were wrong or accept that they were defeated” –– which means family members across the political spectrum will have a chance to reflect on everything they’ve gotten wrong (or right!) in the past year.

Last Thanksgiving the dust of the 2020 election was still settling and most of us had no idea what was about to happen next. Since we were still socially distanced, how were we supposed to know that Uncle Frank was driving to Arizona to stop the counting of ballots? Or for that matter, what he was planning on doing in D.C. on January 6th? How were we supposed to know to show up this Thanksgiving prepared to relitigate the outcome of a presidential election that happened over a year ago, not to mention an attack on the U.S. Capitol building that was incited by the claim that “the election was stolen?” What will Uncle Frank have to say about it this year? Oh, what’s that? He couldn’t make it because the FBI came to his door this summer? And they found his manifesto?! Well, that’s a shame. There’s always next year!

Then there’s Aunt Karen, who’s exactly who you think she is. She’s the over-educated “liberal” aunt who lives in the big city, drinks too much wine, watches too much MSNBC and likes to tell you what to think because “you don’t know enough about the world.” She’s “all for equality,” but also seems to call the cops anytime a delivery man with a different skin color comes to her door. She’s fun! Aunt Karen likes to bring up politics at family gatherings and recite all of Rachel Maddow’s talking points because she’s felt very confident since the Democrats won in 2020. Now she’s sounding the alarm bells about Donald Trump coming back in 2024 and Republicans rigging their way to victory, while also simultaneously not understanding how Terry McAuliffe could have lost Virginia. MSNBC hasn’t told her yet, after all.

Both of these relatives deserve their fair share of crow and humble pie this Thanksgiving, even if it’s for entirely different reasons and served in completely different portions. The craziest thing is that Uncle Frank and Aunt Karen used to be married! Boy, that was a messy divorce. Yes, when a person goes to one side of an issue and another goes in the exact opposite direction, they never seem to see eye to eye, want to work with each other, or even be in the same room ever again, all to the detriment of everyone else. But then again, isn’t that what America is all about? So make sure Uncle Frank gets his helping of crow and Aunt Karen scarfs down that humble pie this year because they’ve both certainly earned it, even if they’re on opposite sides of the Thanksgiving table. Please don’t pass the wine!

Of course, we also should not forget to save big plates of crow and humble pie for ourselves this year, this author included. Lord knows I’ve felt defeated since last November, maybe even longer! And let’s face it, sometimes it’s healthy –– as the definition of both of these fine dishes says –– “to admit that we were wrong or accept that we were defeated.” After all, it’s not something many politicians on either side of the aisle do these days and in light of recent events, I don’t think we need any more politicians who can’t admit it when they’re wrong –– no more than we need relatives who can’t do the same. We may as well be the change we want to see at the Thanksgiving table and this is the year to start! No matter what you like to put on it, we can all always use a little bit of crow and humble pie.

So this year, when Uncle Frank shows up because he’s out on bail and the wine comes around again to Aunt Karen, step in and calm the proverbial family waters if possible. Everyone will thank you later when 2024 rolls around and Trump is running for President again, while MSNBC’s ratings and wine sales soar.