Esther Flores

Here’s what happened at the October Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon on October 9.

Watch the salon video here

Free Press Board member Mark Stansbery kicked the salon off by announcing it was the Free Press’ annual “Libby” award ceremony.

Free Press volunteer Suzanne Patzer explained who Libby Gregory was – she was aformer 70s and 80s era Free Press Editor and tireless activist for environmental, peace and women's issues. She was also an entrepreneur -- starting the first vegetarian restaurant in Columbus, the King Avenue Coffee House; Tradewinds (one-time home of the Free Press); and Byzantium, colubus’ premier bead store. She was tragically killed in a 1991 plane crash. The Free Press honors her memory by giving the Libby award each year to honor our local community heroes, who promote alternative paths and are helping to give birth to a better world.

Free Press Board member Winie Wirth introduced the Free Press 2021 Libby Award winner for Community Activism, Esther Flores, of 1DivineLine2Health.

Esther spoke about her work with her nonprofit organization, 1DivineLine2Health (1DL2H) that is dedicated to providing services to “street sisters” and others in need. 1DL2H provides “Christ-Centered Care to the sick who have no access to healthcare.” They are “compassionate messengers who deliver healing to the broken mind, body, soul and spirit.” Esther is a registered nurse and has worked tirelessly for years to support those on the streets in her west side neighborhood – literally fighting City Hall and other larger nonprofits for resources. Over the past six years she has accomplished so much – opening a Drop-In center, running resources around in her “Love Bug” van, and offering a camp for neighborhood kids at her “Butterfly” community garden.

Esther is very passionate about her work and about the attitudes she and the street sisters face from people who are judgmental and don’t understand the way life is for some who are trafficked. She also mentioned that October is Domestic Violence Month and reminded us that human trafficking is domestic violence. She urged the audience to attend a rally against domestic violence on October 23 at 12pm at the Ohio Statehouse.

Esther’s group is planning expansion to all areas of the city and needs donations. Also, she asked for donations of hoodies for both men and women, since the weather is turning colder.

Jessica Stein joined the conversation. She recently held a women’s reproductive health rally in Columbus and Esther was one of the speakers. She spoke highly of Esther and

Jess and Esther were joined by Jordan Lake who works with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the farmworkers providing us with the fresh fruit and vegetables we take for granted every day. She announced  the Fair Food campaign coming to Columbus from October 23-31. She reminded us that the Wendy’s boycott is still going on – since they refuse to join the Fair Food program – and there is a week of action to be announced for November 15-21.

Nevin Siders, formerly of Columbus, joined the conversation from his home in Mexico to report on the state of women’s reproductive health there and the recent demonstrations and chaos in Chiapas. More information can be found here:
Newspaper article reporting President of Supreme Court affirming disapperances from Ayotzinapa are "state affair."
La Jornada 07/Oct/2021

Academic study on militarization of the country, especially the Mayan region.

Newspaper article (financial daily) reporting how U.S. supplies 500 weapons daily to drug traffickers

The EZLN's communiqués, in many languages. 

The blog of the cooperative the 2 leaders were kidnapped from last month: Red AJMAQ. 

A blog of Zapatista supporters: Camino al andar.

This newspaper article on the Pandora Papers reports how the U.S. is one of the world's major tax havens.

Bryan Curtiss reminded us that Columbus, Ohio no longer celebrates Columbus Day – a victory! And that we all need to vote – early voting is already happening in Franklin County.

Winie mentioned a film we must see: Young Lakota about the political turmoil at the Pine Ridge Reservation. And Gary Witte shared with us another documentary on farmworkers we should see called Fruits of Labor.

Sandy Bolzenius announced the next Move to Amend event that will be Saturday, Oct 23, 10-11:30 AM: The Great Constitutional Hijacking: The Fourteenth Amendment and Qualified Immunity. FREE. Register here.

Mary Jane Borden invited us to a Rally for Cannabis at the Statehouse October 13 at 10am and she will speak at around 10:30am.

Julie Weatherington-Rice reported that we must be aware of bills in the state legislature about spreading Aquasalina, a radioactive waste product, on our streets.

Travis Irvine urged us to help repeal the remaining parts of HB6 – to call our reps to tell them to pass SB117 and HB351! These would repeal the costly coal plant bailouts, so here are the numbers to call.

Cathy Cowan Becker of Simply Living wanted to remind us about the event “A Gift to be Simple” that will be held October 20.

Everyone congratulated Esther on her very much deserved award.

We thank Steve Caruso for being our tech guru for these salons.

The next Free Press Cyber-Salon is November 13.

Hope to see you at the next one!

Pete Johnson
President, Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism
Contact: 614-253-2571