Two black men in hats

Fifty-five years ago on February 21, civil rights activist Malcolm X was shot on stage at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City. Three men were quickly arrested for the murder. Two of those men — including our client, Muhammad Abdul Aziz (then known as Norman 3X Butler) — have always maintained their innocence.

"Who Killed Malcom X?", a new six-part documentary on Netflix, seeks to answer the question: Did two innocent men spend decades in prison for crimes they did not commit?

No physical evidence connects Muhammad to the crime, and new evidence, including FBI documents, has come to light over the years that support his innocence. Yet the case has not been litigated or reopened in decades — until now.

Despite being released on parole in 1985, Muhammad has continued to carry the burden of this wrongful conviction — and he still hopes to prove his innocence.

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