Word Destroyers in a logo with a artsy football below and an image of a football player to the right and Columbus downtown skyline to left
30 March 2019

Coaching a brand-spanking new football team is tough enough but try building one from the ground up.

Destroyers Head Coach Matt Sauk says he’s up for the challenge. Destroyers held tryouts on a recent Saturday morning at Bo...

Blue eyeball looking at a gold sputnik looking device against a map of the world and lots of zeros and ones in the background
09 March 2019

[ An earlier version of this article was posted on ...

White haired older man in a blue suit and tie behind a podium that says American Conservative Union
07 March 2019

VP Mike Pence will be giving the keynote address at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association conference Friday, March 8th, 11am-1pm.

Bring your signs and come welcome him to Columbus. We will gather on the sidewalk along next to...

Three white guys wearing Save the Crew clothes smiling at the camera posing with their arms around each other
03 March 2019

As the 2019 Columbus Crew season kicks off, local activists should recall why our hometown soccer team is still here. Despite some criticisms from this publication and others, the story of how The Crew got saved can provide...

White sports car sitting outside on a green lawn with trees in the background
24 February 2019

Sustainability is no longer a niche effort. Today, it’s a global initiative that’s demanded by society and practiced by businesses across all...

Lots of squares making up one big picture some with photos of people and animals or plants and some with words
06 February 2019

In a society where world population is on the rise and citizens are increasingly connected through technology, theorists claim the infamous “six degrees of separation” has narrowed to “three degrees.” How many individuals know someone...


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