Scene with trees and clouds and land and words Environment Ohio
20 July 2018

As the Trump Administration puts efforts into weakening the Clean Power Plan, renewable energy is still increasing in Ohio. According to a new report by Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, Ohio went from producing 1 Gigawatt...

Young black woman with short ringlets and with a kind of sad expression
11 July 2018

At first glance, there is not much in common between the 19-year-old single mother living in the Kibera slum of Kenya pictured here and the Ohio State students pictured below. More than 7,800 miles separate them, they’ve never...

Boy doing a jump n a skateboard over a railing
11 July 2018

Thursday, June 21 was Go Skate Day, which was changed to Sunday because of rain. Last time I tried to Go Skate during Go Skate Day I manage to manual a curb. A manual is a trick where you ollie up onto a surface and either coast on your...

Letters O-R-G with the opening of the O being the shape of the state of Ohio and underneath the words Ohio Rights Group
07 July 2018

You’ve come a long way baby. Medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio. A bill passed, establishing an industry that will serve a significant portion of the state’s patient population. Certified physicians will recommend cannabis to those...

Simple drawing of blue fish swimming to the left
04 July 2018

The problems we face today can seem insurmountable. Who can even count all the good causes that require funding in order to address poverty, climate change, terrorism, money in politics, environmental degradation, species extinction,...

Flag waving with pastel blue, pink and white stripes
29 June 2018

Two Ohio Republican legislators recently introduced a bill that mandates all medical and mental health care providers, and teachers, disclose if the child they are working with identifies as LGBTQ - or else they’ll be criminalized as...


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