01 May 2015

Join us Saturday May 2nd in the Short North as we protest in Solidarity with the people of Baltimore.
*Columbus students please read note at the end*

We are marching for the people of Baltimore.

We are...

29 April 2015

I was having a debate with my friend the other day. He cried hoax – April Fool’s! I said brave new world. So, which is it? Is genetically modified – GMO – marijuana under development, or is this just a joke?...

Columbus City Hall
29 April 2015

How do some of the candidates for Columbus City Council stand on some of the most contentious issues in our city? The Columbus Free Press contacted all ten Columbus City Council candidates on the May 5, 2015 primary ballot and...

24 April 2015
If you care about stopping excessive force, use of deadly force,  unlawful arrests, racial profiling, and  militarization of the police; you should attend the petition training this Saturday 2-4pm @ OSU Community Extension Center 905...
16 April 2015

SMITHVILLE, OHIO—The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Foundation have settled a lawsuit on behalf of teacher Keith Allison against the Board of Education of Green Local...

Rickenbacker airport logo
16 April 2015

Quietly and gradually since the 1980s, a bastion of free-market excess on Franklin County’s southernmost border has been selling-out the American worker while making piles upon piles of money for a select few. It is called “...


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