16 April 2015

SMITHVILLE, OHIO—The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Foundation have settled a lawsuit on behalf of teacher Keith Allison against the Board of Education of Green Local...

Rickenbacker airport logo
16 April 2015

Quietly and gradually since the 1980s, a bastion of free-market excess on Franklin County’s southernmost border has been selling-out the American worker while making piles upon piles of money for a select few. It is called “...

Earth with Earth Day banner
16 April 2015

What if Columbus was a Zero Waste City by 2040? Sound impossible? Interestingly enough, a city with about 30,000 more people aims to reach that goal by 2020. San Francisco has a landfill diversion rate of over 80 percent. A “...

Dale Phillips with arm in sling from tendon injury
16 April 2015

Are innocent citizens pulled over, beaten and arrested by Columbus Police?
  Meet Dale Phillips. He claims he was roughed up, thrown to the ground, maced directly into his eyeballs and violently assaulted resulting in a...

04 April 2015

Did you know that it is perfectly legal to lie in a political campaign? Sounds false, doesn’t it? Ohio, where weird new concepts like “Responsible Ohio” come to roost, found itself at the nexus of a court decision that made lying and...

01 April 2015

Ohio’s energy and economic future is now in the hands of the Public Utilities Commission.

  The PUCO has been confronted with three massive bailouts meant to prolong Ohio’s dependence on fossil fuels and...


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