Muslim woman speaking at a mic
03 April 2017

Zerqa Abid describes herself as an “activist mother” which is quite an understatement. Zerqa Abid is the founder and president of Muslims for Ohio PAC and the MY Project USA, an organization that works on poverty and human trafficking...

Man making peace sign with woman making peace sign
11 March 2017

Everyone who was Amy Wickes Friend on Facebook will remember her iconic pose: one hip thrust out, a big smile on her face as she flashed a peace sign. Amy left us too soon on March 9, 2017. To understand her life, one need only read her...

Blonde woman next to the Broadview Hts sign
28 February 2017

Freep Hero: Tish O’Dell and CELDF

The Free Press hero is Tish O’Dell, who campaigned for and won a Community Bill of Rights that banned fracking in Broadview Heights, Ohio. O’Dell and her group, the Community...

Black woman giving a speech raising her arm in the air
01 February 2017

Hero: Nina Turner

“We can't have testimony without a test, and we are being tested right now for whether or not we've got courage enough, hope enough, fight enough and love enough to...

Logo of two hands and a dove between them
25 January 2017

Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center announces a major gift of $50,000 per year for three years from the Northland Columbus Deanery of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus under the leadership of Father Charles Klinger of St. Paul...

Jill Stein with her arm above her head and in a white tank top and yellow scarf outside at rally
03 January 2017

Free Press Heroes: Local activists at Standing Rock

The Free Press recognizes the Central Ohioans who stood in solidarity with Native Americans and others protesting the Dakota Access pipeline...


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