Man in white shirt talking into a mic at the far left side and a congregation of people sitting in pews and three stained glass windows in the back
03 October 2017

Free Press Hero

The Free Press honors the anonymous man who bravely trained his cell phone camera on Timothy Davis during his horrendous beating at the hands of the Columbus...

Smiling white woman with short brown hair
30 August 2017

After a long and courageous battle with cancer, Mary Beittel went passed away the morning of Saturday, August 19th. She was loved by many and will be missed. Mary and her husband served for over three decades as the leadership...

Three photos showing people sitting on the floor and the words Sit in to #Stop Trumpcare
01 August 2017

Free Press Heroes

This month the Free Press honors the dedicated people holding weekly demonstrations at Republican Senator Rob Portman’s office in an attempt to keep him from voting...

Cartoon of weird looking gray haired man with big ears in a suit holding a fiery torch made of a rolled up paper that says Voting Rights on it
04 July 2017

I delayed writing this article until today, June 24th. The deadline lies just two days away. You see, the ground keeps shifting.

Donald Trump was elected President last year in part because he appeared to support states’ rights...

Black woman with updo wearing a yellow suit
31 May 2017

Free Press Hero – State Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent

Rep. Kent is a Freep Hero for introducing House Bill 137. Currently, 49 states require law enforcement officers to be mandatory...

Pink background with photos of blonde woman and words Chelsea Manning is free! Thank  you for all your outreach on her behalf!
17 May 2017

The day has finally come: Chelsea Manning has been released! From May 2010 through today Chelsea has been in prison for exposing the costs and inhumanity of war.  She risked everything to do what she felt was...


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