Two single beds separated in a bedroom
06 August 2015

  I am recently married. (50 days). My husband showed little interest in sexual intimacy right from day one of our brief courtship...

Bill Moss photo
06 August 2015

Ten years ago on August 2, 2005, the city lost an extraordinary man, Bill Moss. As an independent politician – with no Party machine to fund him, handle him, or promote him – he built his own movement of people who voted him onto the...

   Photo 1: David Cullison and his partner Bret Richards (a.k.a. Hellin Bedd), of Columbus, have been engaged for 1-1/2 years.
04 June 2015

At a recent gathering some homosexual men were discussing the salary one spends on an engagement ring. “Someone told me four months, but I think it’s only two. Yeah, but she wants a ring from Tiffany’s.”


03 May 2015

A Black man in Columbus fatally shot the mother of his children and her brother. Recently another Black man fatally shot his 28 year old ex-girlfriend in front of their children in Chicago, Illinois. What is the reason for...

Photo of Bill Finzel
03 May 2015

If you ever threw a plastic bottle in the wrong receptacle at Comfest, you may have encountered our zero waste hero, Bill Finzel. The most memorable vision a festival-goer may remember from Comfests past would be Finzel’s head...

The words Sex education on a blackboard
03 May 2015

SEX 101

A few conversations have brought it back that sometimes we need a refresher course, back to basics. While it's Springtime and the birds and...


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