Thin faced man with brown hair and five o clock shadow looking quizzically at the camera
28 June 2018

WCBE is proud to announce its very own Community Relations director, Johnny DiLoretto, will do his community relations thing in high style this July 4th when he assumes the not-so-honorable throne as the Less-than-Grand Marshal at the...

Smiling older white man wearing round black-rimmed glasses
23 June 2018
After an appeal by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to an en banc session to review the unanimous ruling that blocked John Kasich’s unconstitutional 2016 bill to defund Planned...
Smiling black man with big sunglasses and long braids in a black shirt
04 June 2018

You’re in good company. Maybe you don’t know any vegans personally – except maybe Eriyah, but here’s the names of some famous vegans you may already admire:

Stevie Wonder

Dennis Kucinich

Joan Jett


White man with black hair with his mouth open yelling into a mic and the words Bob Bites Back
01 May 2018

As you read this, the Columbus Dispatch is engaged in one of the most despicable character assassination series of articles against populist Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich that I’ve ever seen. In the ...

White man with a helmet on a big smile, and a camouflage jacket
28 April 2018

Bruce Thomas Duncanson “General Bruce” born December 20, 1958, passed on to peace and glory April 15, 2018. He was a passionate peace and environmental activist, loving son, brother and friend to all. He was a familiar face at the Free...

Young smiling woman with long black hair and big black-rimmed glasses holding a bright colorful sign that says DREAMER on it
26 April 2018
Cincinnati, OH –  Following yet ...


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