Dewine face
26 October 2022

To keep the general election season entertaining, the anti-DeWine PAC Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines has released its final quirky political ad of the election season called...

Tim Ryan
24 October 2022

Both African Americans and progressives in Ohio are wondering if throwing a football at a TV screen is the Tim Ryan blunder which makes Ohio even more MAGA?

Tim Ryan’s most widely-recognized TV commercial to date – smashing a...

17 October 2022

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an election being held in November – November 8th to be exact – and you must participate if eligible. The stakes are high.

You say, there’s nothing in this election for me. Do...

Redistricting commission
07 October 2022

As election season arrives again, all Ohio voters need to do is look around and ask themselves –– have the last few decades of Ohio Republican Party rule been worth it? Has it been worth being an international embarrassment in headlines...

Guy with hand on Bible saying I solemnly swear to cheat on all my wives
28 September 2022

Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines takes on Justice Pat DeWine for his alleged adultery and two messy divorces


To spice up the general election season, the anti-DeWine PAC ...

20 September 2022

In the past few months, I have renewed my love for all-things Star Wars, watching and re-watching the movies, TV shows, and limited series. While this franchise takes place in a galaxy far, far away, one scene from Star Wars:...


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