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08 November 2022

Against my better judgment, yet keeping my promise, I offer below my predictions for the statewide races on Election Day Nov. 8.  Don’t call your bookie on my advice.

I wrote down what my head told me the outcome would be and then...

Board of Elections building
06 November 2022

Columbus voters will decide three Issues on Tuesday’s ballot, and all three will change the Columbus City Charter. The city’s constitution since 1914, which can only be changed by a vote of Columbus’ citizens.

There’s Issue 19,...

05 November 2022

Governor Mike DeWine stuck his finger in the eyes of the Columbus Dispatch by not coming in for a pre-election interview.

His punishment? The newspaper endorsed Nan Whaley, who showed up for the interview, in a meandering...

Pat Dewine and statement on how he cheats on wife
02 November 2022

Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines’ TV ad buy aims to tell conservative voters the juicy truth about Justice Pat DeWine’s two messy divorces

Just in time for the general election on November 8,...

Dewine face
26 October 2022

To keep the general election season entertaining, the anti-DeWine PAC Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines has released its final quirky political ad of the election season called...

Tim Ryan
24 October 2022

Both African Americans and progressives in Ohio are wondering if throwing a football at a TV screen is the Tim Ryan blunder which makes Ohio even more MAGA?

Tim Ryan’s most widely-recognized TV commercial to date – smashing a...


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