Bernie Sanders
05 December 2019

As the 2020 Democratic primary heats up into the new year, there is a larger debate brewing within the party itself – even bigger than the already huge debates that feature anywhere from ten to twenty candidates on television....

Words Columbus Media Insider with M looking like shattered glass
05 December 2019

Drake's Exit Opens Way for Kasich, Meyer        

President Michael Drake is stepping down at OSU next year and the search for his replacement is under way. Look no further than former Governor John Kasich as...

Travis Irvine in a suit and glasses
07 November 2019

One year ago, I was the Libertarian candidate for governor of Ohio in a four-way race. The perfect outcome would have been for myself and the Green Party candidate, Constance Gadell-Newton, to both receive 3 percent of the vote so we...

Three people, a black woman, a Latina woman and white man
02 November 2019

Keep Austin Weird has done wonders for Central Texas. Those three words have inspired that city’s leadership to propel Austin into one of the most...

Everyday people for positive change logo
01 November 2019

Everyday People for Positive Change, a citizen ballot issue committee, announces that yesterday (October 30th) the group submitted a certified pre-circulation petition to the City Clerk for a proposed ballot issue to reform Columbus...

Kimberly Mason, young black woman smiling
28 October 2019

Hardly anyone wants to be on the Columbus School Board. This year, five of the seven slots are up for election but there are only six people running. The sad state of the Columbus City Schools has suppressed interest in serving on the...


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