01 December 2022

Nothing like a mysterious disappearance to get our minds off Ohio’s miserable political situation and Ohio State’s one-sided loss to Michigan.

On Tuesday, broke the story that OSU President Kristina Johnson would be...

White men sitting
23 November 2022

As Thanksgiving rolls around again this year, it’s time to once more get in your Republican family members’ faces about the harsh realities that their political party is creating –– whether they fully understand those realities or not....

18 November 2022

A national Democratic leader attributed the general success in the midterms to very high enthusiasm levels, and that’s true for explaining the success at winning many congressional, statehouse and gubernatorial races.

But this...

14 November 2022

Ohio Democrats were wiped out in the Nov. 8 election. Let the excuse-making begin.

Democrats in the state of Ohio have become like Democrats in Delaware County, where I reside. When you can’t win and you can’t even get close to...

Joe Motil
11 November 2022

Joe Motil, former Columbus City Council candidate and longtime community advocate who is circulating petitions to run for Mayor in the 2023 May primary election states, “I wish to congratulate Columbus City Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown...

Vote here sign
08 November 2022

Against my better judgment, yet keeping my promise, I offer below my predictions for the statewide races on Election Day Nov. 8.  Don’t call your bookie on my advice.

I wrote down what my head told me the outcome would be and then...


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