Two people standing outside in the rain holding umbrellas and signs, one says ODNR Frack Yourselves
17 December 2018

Recently the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the US Government both issued reports acknowledging what people all over the world already knew--urgent action...

Backs of two men, one with a cop looking uniform on and the other with a sign that says Free Abortion on Deand ISO with a red fist
14 November 2018

The Young Americans for Freedom student group at Ohio State University hosted  a speech by Ben Shapiro, "New York Times best-selling author, conservative commentator, and lawyer," on November 13. Their promotion stated: "With little...

People standing outside in winter coats at dusk one white man with brown hair, facial hair and glasses with a sign that reads Recuse and a white woman next to him
11 November 2018

Hundreds of protestors lined the streets of Downtown Columbus during the evening rush hour on November 8 to urge Ohio Senator Rob Portman to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Mueller’s investigation of President Donald Trump...

People outside gathered in a group holding signs that say It's Mueller Time, 9-1-1 USA
09 November 2018

In reaction to the resignation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Indivisible Columbus called an emergency "Protect Mueller" rally that drew about a thousand people at Bicentennial Park on Thursday, November 8, 2018. The crowd walked...

Young white man with long brown curly hair and glasses holding a very large red flag standing in front of a crowd raising his fist in the air
04 November 2018

A few dozen activists gathered at Columbus City Hall on Saturday November 3 at 1pm to Fight the Right! They called for an end to the violence and for everyone to get organized to build a better world. The reason for the rally: this past...

Brown sign that reads From the Campus to the Fields We Won't Yield
24 October 2018

On October 24th, a teach-in was held by student organizations to discuss ongoing issues with how Ohio State University is failing victims and survivors of sexual assault, along with other issues. The event was called "DISorientation"...


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