Photo of protest
14 September 2020

For sixteen days, Julius Tate’s family will honor his sixteen years of life by marching for justice. They began September 2nd and will continue through September 17th.

On the eighth day of the protests, September 10th, the family...

Details about event
20 August 2020

Pint Size Protesters was created to give kids and their families a safe space in the Black Lives Matter movement, but also to support families with resources and opportunities to learn and grow so that we can truly bring about change. ...

Details about event
05 August 2020

Facebook Event


CPDoutofCCS (Columbus Police Department out of Columbus City Schools) and its supporters are gathering once again...

Man being arrested
31 July 2020

Activists have been under heavy surveillance through body cams, street cameras and their social media, and many were explicitly targeted for arrest while on downtown streets over the previous several weeks, but Columbus police have...

Lots of people at rally arguing
19 July 2020

During the first weeks of July, the intensity of the protests resulting from the murder of George Floyd, had gradually faded. This has been a matter of reflection for many people, who see the need to have and understand a goal beyond...

George Floyds's face
13 July 2020

It was spring 1970, the world was ablaze with anti-establishment expression: free speech, women’s rights, civil/human rights, anti-war were all movements of the day. On the Ohio State University (...


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