Guys waving flags and with Ku Klux Klan signs
26 May 2019

Dayton police protected nine KKK members with hundreds of police yesterday at a two hour Honorable Sacred Knight of the Klu Klux Klan’s Members and Supporters Only Rally in a show of police force not common in Dayton. Across downtown...

Cops and person lying on ground next to a car with a fire truck
05 May 2019

On Saturday May 4, the night of the Columbus Blue Jackets game and Gallery Hop in the Short North, the Coalition to Free Masonique Saunders blocked off the intersection at Buttles Avenue and North High Street for 90 minutes. Their goal...

White man with sunglasses, a gray beard and a baseball cap wearing a Solidarity T-shirt is outside among lots of people with downtown Columbus in the background, holding a sign that says City Council Master Abators Support Schools not the Rich
29 April 2019

Rev. Gary Witte calls out the ones responsible for the tax abatements that take money from the Columbus city schools. On April 24, approximately 400 Columbus school teachers marched to the headquarters of one of the local corporations...

People outside downtown holding signs that say Justice 4 Julius and Columbus Police are murderers Masonique is not
08 April 2019

Over 50 people marched from Bicentennial Park to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center today to demand the release of Masonique Saunders, 17, who was incarcerated last December. Saunders is being charged with felony...

People outside a brick building with posters and signs
24 March 2019

Family and friends gathered to show their love and support for Donna Dalton who was murdered by former Columbus Police vice officer Andrew Mitchell at the site of a vigil, Saturday, March 23. Justice will only be served until Andrew...

People marching with very large high signs with depictions of barrels of tomatoes with the words How much longer? and Join the Fair Food program and a Wendy's hamburger that says violence on it
11 March 2019

Fifty farm workers and their children traveled from Immokalee Florida to march in Columbus last Friday, in coordination with International Women's Day, with 300 university students and locals.

Marchers demanded human rights, and...


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