Words Vigil for Kashmir 2019.10.27
28 October 2019

Protest video

Columbus remembered the plight and resilience of the Kashmiri people on Sunday. October 27. Sponsored by CAIR. 

Statue of Christopher Columbus
01 October 2019

Columbus, Ohio is a city known for its arts, culture, innovation, politics and the Buckeyes. However, Columbus is the largest city of its kind named after 15th...

People outside holding banners one saying Wake Up
27 September 2019
It was a great day at the 2019 Educate a Legislator Day on the 25th. Over 40 people registered for the event. The day started with a meet and greet over coffee and sweet things. Citizens started right away meeting with not only their own...
Statue of liberty with gag
18 September 2019

Educate A Legislator Day date has changed to Wed. Sept 25th 8 am – 4 pm

We received information over the weekend that the Ohio Republicans will be taking a retreat to organize their plans for the year beginning...

Line of counterprotestors holding signs one saying God Don't Hate
04 September 2019

When Westboro Baptist protestors descended on St. John's United Church of Christ on Columbus' near east side to demonstrate again the "Jezebel Preacher," over 130 counterprotestors showed up to peacefully defend their female pastor. The...

Students standing outside holding signs on a city street
11 August 2019
The sound of powerful chants, cheers, and cars honking in support of reproductive rights echoed down West Broad Street on Wednesday afternoon as activists and community members came together outside of Senator Portman’s Columbus office to...


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