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03 March 2023

No period of our history has had more books written about it than the US Civil War. However, the diplomatic struggle, international aspects of this fight,...

26 February 2023

When I hired into the steel mill, Lorain Works, US Steel, in 1970, it was a monstrous place, smoking, churning out tons of steel, with thousands of workers...

18 February 2023

Our recent elections delivered a setback to Donald Trump, his allies, and their corporate-based campaign of racism/misogyny/homophobia, division, across our...

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10 February 2023

Many of us collect something, and know that feeling of finding that once-in-a-lifetime treasure.  Or you’ve had that feeling of glancing down to find a $20...

Critical race theory book display
04 February 2023

A generation ago, racist politicians invented a mythical “Willie Horton” as a made-up “straw man” to represent their false stereotype of African Americans....