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Kinks cover
30 September 2015

It's beginning to look like political season has finally arrived, and it isn't just that we have two debates under our belt and primaries about to...

03 September 2015

Here at the Free Press’s Department of Etiquette and Common Decency, we have been receiving a great deal of inquiries with respect to the...

Red X over an electric guitar
06 August 2015

When Kix Roxx takes the Jazz Meets Origami Festival stage with his band, Razor Dragon Assault, he’ll be doing so for the final time....

Working Man photo
03 July 2015

Although it does make me question the purpose of a music critic, I am at that point in my life where I am prepared to admit nobody listens to...

Devil Doves logo
05 May 2015

When you book some dates at a recording studio, it’s fairly common practice for the engineer to ask you what bands you sound like. It isn’t...

Jeff German band
03 May 2015

JEFF GERMAN AT NATALIES. On Saturday, April 15, I went to Natalie’s Pizza for Jeff German’s half-CD release party. Jeff is due to release his second record...