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Young man giving a thumbs up sign
19 December 2020

How is it that the New York Times reported that, “In...

Man with head in hands, another man posing
15 September 2020

Last night’s Columbus City Council 4-3 vote that indefinitely tabled an ordinance which would have put limits on the Columbus Division of Police use of...

Middle aged white ma's face looking vacant
17 April 2020

After watching Mayor Ginther’s online interview with Channel 4’s Colleen Marshall on Wednesday, I have to ask, why has it taken our Mayor nearly 19 years to...

Joe Motil
24 March 2020

In the opinion of our highly respected City Auditor Megan Kilgore regarding the impact COVID-19 will have on Columbus’s economy, Ms. Kilgore states, “The...

Big white government building with tall gray statue out front and some greenery in the foreground
15 August 2019

COLUMBUS, OH –Columbus City Council Candidate Joe Motil and longtime outspoken critic of the city’...