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23 May 2023

In order to witness firsthand Andy Ginther’s show of force and willingness to “spend whatever it takes to make our city safe” I walked the sidewalks of the...

17 May 2023

In the last few days, selected Columbus residents received a text message fake opinion “survey” from uncredentialled market research company Research-...

Older man with glasses and a gray goatee
19 April 2023

The facts cannot be denied. Andy Ginther accepted campaign contributions of $20,000 funneled to him through his friend, former neighbor, campaign...

Joe Motil
22 March 2023

March 21, 2-23

Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for joining me.

Andy Ginther just finished presenting yet another of his state of the...

18 March 2022

I recently received a phone call from Andrew Nortz who is a 6½ year resident of Blendon Township and whose one-acre property abuts a new development of 27....

Joe Motil
14 December 2021
The following would have been presented as my public testimony in regards to the OSU  40% city income tax break for  25 consecutive years  in...