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18 March 2022

I recently received a phone call from Andrew Nortz who is a 6½ year resident of Blendon Township and whose one-acre property abuts a new development of 27....

Joe Motil
14 December 2021
The following would have been presented as my public testimony in regards to the OSU  40% city income tax break for  25 consecutive years  in...
Joe Motil
18 November 2021

When and where is non-conforming high density new development appropriate? For several years now, residents from across Columbus, especially in urban...

Pictures of candidates
31 October 2021

The fact that two Columbus City Hall insiders, Nick Bankston and Lourdes Barroso de Padilla, pulled petitions to run against three incumbent City Council...

Mounds at Little Turtle
18 June 2021

The following article is a prime example of what neighborhoods across Columbus are up against when trying to fight Columbus City Council and the Mayor’s...

Young man giving a thumbs up sign
19 December 2020

How is it that the New York Times reported that, “In...