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05 October 2021

Can't Gerrymander Statewide Races

While the Republican's once a decade gerrymander hangs in the balance, it is well to remember that...

17 September 2021

September 15 was a signal day in Ohio politics and journalism.

First, the Republican Rigging Ring proved true all the aspersions I cast about them in...

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31 August 2021

To understand the imminent likely outcome of redistricting and reapportionment of Congressional and state legislative districts in Ohio, one must look at...

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09 August 2021

Newspapers were once the leaders in covering business news in their communities. The daily Columbus Dispatch just abdicated that title to ...

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30 July 2021

Dennis Kucinich was a hero of mine.

His newly released book, The Division of Light and Power (Finney Avenue Books), is all about how he...

05 July 2021

There was a big hubbub a year ago when the Columbus Dispatch editorialized against set-aside contracts for Black businesses and the Black community...