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17 May 2022

In my post-election column, I stated that Nan Whaley, the Democratic nominee for Ohio governor, had 1 chance out of 10 of defeating incumbent Gov. Mike...

09 March 2022

The race to break the glass ceiling in Ohio by electing a woman as governor or as U.S. senator this year has been superseded by the aggressive actions by...

14 February 2022

John Cranley is the best candidate for governor. It is time for Democrats, Progressives, Independents and fed-up-with-Trump Republicans to get behind the...

28 January 2022

(Begin satire.)

Jed, my third cousin twice removed, has a small rural home 60 miles north of Columbus. He is a typical news consumer in that...

10 January 2022

An old political axiom is: "You can't beat somebody with nobody."

An Ohio political axiom is: "It is hard to win the first time around for statewide...

15 December 2021

The contrast between being in touch with our better angels and being in the grip of the devil is never more pronounced than during the holidays. In that "...