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02 December 2020

What's new with the Columbus Dispatch?

The news is old at the former "Ohio's Greatest Home Newspaper." The late afternoon deadline...

Older man reading the USA Today
25 August 2020

The Columbus Dispatch's corporate owners, the Gannett Co., are compelling it to become an honest, diverse newspaper. And you can blame the late,...

Young woman smiling and standing outside
29 July 2020

NEWS ITEM: Alaina Shearer, insurgent Democratic candidate for John Kasich's old Congressional seat (OH-12), caused shockwaves in Republican circles when she...

Captain Kirk
02 July 2020

On my 5th anniversary as a columnist for the Columbus Free Press, I will forgo commenting on the media and political scene and, instead, share my...

Dr. Amy Acton
30 May 2020

One of the most important political metrics is the approval-disapproval ratings of public officials.

The greater the approval percentage the more...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
26 March 2020

There is no shortage of good journalism even in the profession's weakened state.

There is a shortage of people paying careful attention to what is...