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The words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
01 February 2018

The broken promises of ECOT that threaten to cost Ohio taxpayers more than $80 million were never better exposed than by the comments of Sandy Theis on the...

Baldish white man wearing a suit holding a microphone and talking
03 January 2018

Ohio Democrats need a bold new leader, a gut fighter with a heart of gold to win back the governorship in 2018.

His name is Joe. Joe Schiavoni.

Two middle aged white men shaking hands very close together
05 December 2017

Because Gov. John Kasich is playing politics, Tom Noe is rotting in jail. Noe, one of 50,000 inmates in Ohio prisons, holds a unique distinction. He is a...

Bright yellow and red neon sign saying Dispatch Ohio's greatest homes newspaper above a big fancy building at night
04 November 2017

The Japanese hedge fund-owned Columbus Dispatch is trying very hard to get back in touch with its old family-owned crazy. The experiment with...

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04 October 2017

DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse may be dealing a death blow to local ownership of WBNS-TV.

The satellite and cable television conglomerate has blacked...

Man with gray hair comb over looking sideways at the camera with slitty eyes
30 August 2017

A national business news website,, recently asked my views on Presidential attempts to muzzle the press. Here is what I told them: “(President...