Julie Whitney Scott is an Ohio poet, author, playwright, director, producer and founder of Mine 4 God Productions LLC and the Columbus Black Theatre Festival held every 2nd weekend in July in Columbus, Ohio.  She is also the host of Julie Whitney Scott Presents on WGRN - LPFM 94.1.

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09 October 2023

I was half asleep. The covers were pulled tightly over my head. My body was balled up in the fetal position and I was sucking my thumb. Something I still...

02 October 2023

“Well, what you wanna do?” I asked Jean again. 

We were still standing in the same spot. Wasting time. For all we knew the shooter was watching our...

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25 September 2023

Shelia Brady glanced up the street through the yellow curtains that she had brought when she first moved into this apartment. When was that?  It must have...

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04 September 2023


It’s easy for you to sit and make judgments about me, isn’t it? It’s easy for you to tell me what is right and wrong with my life and...

Collage of Is Said books
11 February 2023

Is Said said
he dedicated his books
to dreamers while chasin a dream
and God bless the farmers.
Is Said said
lets drop our...

Police beating Tyre Nichols
30 January 2023

For the very first time
I watched that crime.
of stealing from
the hopeful youth
their breath
their dreams
their futures...