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Esther Flores passionately talking into a mic
31 December 2019

Esther Flores is a fighter. She champions for the rights and dignity of all people and she fights against bigotry and prejudice. You want Esther on your...

Black man deep in conversation
05 December 2019

The decision is now entirely up to Columbus Mayor Ginther. But, if the community’s response to the Police Chief auditions held at East High on November 21...

Policeman cartoon holding a gun on a small black child with a water pistol
01 October 2019

Three members of the Mayor’s Safety Commission are speaking out about the lack of transparency, candor and trust within the Commission.

Janet Jackson...

White SUV police vehicle with red and blue on the side saying POLICE
03 April 2019

The Columbus Police Department (CPD) is out of control. And, they are getting away with murder. Within recent years, the CPD has shown excessive and lethal...

People outside gathered in a group holding signs that say It's Mueller Time, 9-1-1 USA
09 November 2018

In reaction to the resignation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Indivisible Columbus called an emergency "Protect Mueller" rally that drew about a...

White women with glasses and short brown hair wearing a police uniform looking surprised
30 October 2018

She was a typical All-American girl in high school. She attended Focus Learning Academy, was a good softball player and at one point she was a cheerleader....