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Two women in Victorian-looking dresses
03 March 2020

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but a couple of non-mainstream movies are hoping to bring romance back to Columbus screens. And they’ll go about it in very...

Man sitting at a table
31 December 2019

World War I tale uses gimmick to jaw-dropping effect 

When a director tries a novelty such as pretending to tell a story in one...

White guy in a suit looking serious
05 December 2019

Queen City lawyer battles deadly chemical foe

DuPont ads used to boast that the company provided “Better Things for Better Living…...

Film poster with words Powerful Flamboyant and Notorious and a middle aged white man sitting in a huge fancy armchair
28 October 2019

Since Donald Trump first landed tweet-first in the Oval Office, armchair psychiatrists have been trying to figure him out.

Why does he have so little...

White man and black man sitting at a table looking very solemn
30 September 2019

Is Atticus Finch a “white savior”? That question probably wasn’t on the minds of those who took part in a PBS poll that named To Kill a Mockingbird America’...

Very serious faced Asian people posing at a table all dressed up
05 August 2019

As a Kansas farm girl named Dorothy said long ago, there’s no place like home. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is one of the questions addressed...