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Black man and white woman dancing
01 March 2017

Even though its subject matter is completely different, I can’t help comparing A United Kingdom to 2016’s Hidden Figures.

Both films uncover an...

Black and white photo of protest in streets from 50s with sign saying something about race mixing
31 January 2017

Do you prefer to have your cinematic guilt and grief delivered with a Boston accent? If so, you might enjoy the Oscar-nominated Manchester by the Sea. (Well...

Black women in old fashioned clothes like they are celebrating
04 January 2017

Hidden Figures tells a fact-based story so fascinating that you wonder why it hasn’t been told until now. Of course, if it had been, they would have had to...

Woman in a yellow dress and man in a shirt and tie dancing wildly
24 December 2016

La La Land is the most exhilarating film of the year. That becomes obvious before the title credit even appears.   

Opening on the scene of...

Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck, left) has a difficult relationship with nephew Patrick (Lucas Hedges) in Manchester by the Sea.
06 December 2016

As a critic, I’ve always been amused when dissenting readers ask the clichéd question, “Did we even see the same movie?” So it’s ironic to realize I’m...

13 November 2016



If I told you Moonlight is about an African-American boy growing up in a world of drugs and poverty, you’d probably begin to form...