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People performing
10 February 2022

Sometimes you need a reminder that human beings are capable of kindness. Come From Away—a touring production of which is now playing Columbus’s...

Woman talking into mic
24 December 2021

On Sunday, Dec. 5, dozens of theater lovers gathered at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s Africa Event Center to hear about the strange...

Silhouette of woman running
03 June 2021

Mack Beggs has a problem. The Texas teen is an accomplished wrestler, but the state forces him to wrestle girls. That’s because Mack was...

A heart with a man walking on a path and title of movie
11 April 2021

Several years ago, Columbus resident David Bynum had a chance to meet his birth mother, but he ultimately lost his nerve. It wasn’t...

29 March 2021

We know what kind of changes can kill a city, particularly in the so-called Rust Belt. But what does it take to bring that city back to...

woman sitting on a couch
02 March 2021

In 2020’s Promising Young Woman, Carey Mulligan plays a woman whose life has been forever changed by a sexual assault—a sexual...