Surly Girl saloon logo
03 May 2015

Surly Girl Saloon announced rather abruptly that this would be their last week in operation. I stumbled in Wednesday Night not fully aware of the importance the Short North Bar’s Open Mic Night had to local comedy for the past...

The Exorcist movie poster
03 May 2015

Here's my open letter to Campus Partners, OSU's development arm which recently bought nine acres of High Street, from 14th to 17th, promising to raze and re-do the entire area real pretty-like.
  Ahem, dear sir(s) and/...

02 May 2015

Atmosphere played Columbus April 29. Their performances always seem warm and familiar because of Slug’s everyman approach, and his label’s Rhymesayer’s releasing music by Blueprint and Soul Position.

Heck, they had Blueprint put...

16 April 2015

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a Calypso album. I don’t have any sort of a reasonable explanation for it, and the demos so far are not very promising. It’s probably a waste of time, although it has provided a...

16 April 2015

Record Store Day can be viewed many different ways. It can be seen as a method to celebrate and create revenue for places that operate as community hubs. The cynical can mock it as a vehicle for for the music industry to hock...

Walk the Moon group
16 April 2015

Can style be substance? Can synth-pop have a baby in Ohio and let it claim the top of the pops? Is Jack White The Last Man Left In Rock? What the hell am I talking about?
  Let me digress and egress, my little egret,...


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