John Coltrane - A Love Supreme LP
16 April 2015

Great Jazz Albums
This spring herald's the 50th Anniversary of arguably the greatest Jazz album ever released. I don’t write these words lightly. There are many contenders.
  “Kinda Blue”...

02 April 2015

Matt Monta has been playing music in Columbus for a long time -- he used to play at the old High Street BW3 if your memory goes that far back. For the last several years he’s been playing with Righteous Buck and the Skull...

02 April 2015

Jazz is dead. No, it's just got gangrene. Jazz has arthritis and hemorrhoids. No, it's alive and well, quite regular and livin' it up in Toledo. No, it is the epitome of stuck. Yes, it needs a young blood transfusion. No, it...

The Bummers
19 March 2015

A friend of mine invited me down to see the Bummer’s vinyl release at Strongwater Food and Spirits on March 6th. I was unfamiliar with both the Bummers and the other bands on the bill, and had also never seen Strongwater...

19 March 2015

The Columbus electronic community is hurting right now. Connor Compassi died unexpectedly.  Connor promoted, deejayed and just in general helped make things happen.
  Worst importantly: Connor was beloved and a good...

19 March 2015

The Charity Crowe Birthday Show at the Double Happiness club in the Brewery District turned out to be one awfully sweet way of kicking winter in the shins on its way out. Mammy, wotta night!
  A rainy-ass Friday night...


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