People gathering outside
12 September 2022

Intel Corporation and the State of Ohio sealed their marriage on Friday with the officiant flying in on Air Force One just in time to pronounce the happy couple forever joined at the chip. 

The groom, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, had...

Police bodycam footage
02 September 2022

Once again, a trigger-happy Columbus police officer shot and killed an unarmed Black man. Police bodycam footage shows at least four officers and a police dog entering 20-year old Donovan Lewis’ home in the middle of the night August 30...

Kroger ballot
31 August 2022

Central Ohio rank-and-file Kroger employees, who are also United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) 1059 members, for a second time in a month overwhelmingly voted “No” to a new three-year contract even though the contract had been...

People being arrested
28 August 2022

Mayoral candidate Joe Motil and long-time advocate for the homeless Rev. Gary Witte are arrested for trespassing at the home of Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin. Activists set up tents on the lawns of three members of...

Teachers picketing outside
22 August 2022

For the first time since 1975, Columbus City School (CCS) teachers over the weekend voted to strike and now the entire nation is paying attention.

On CNN this morning, its bottom-of-the-screen news ticker is telling the story of...

Photos of kids who were killed
14 August 2022

Israel again preemptively attacked Gaza from August 5 until a ceasefire was brokered by Egypt and the UN effective late on August 7.  The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Occupied Palestinian territory...


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