Words Socialist Madness
02 March 2020

Why does universal health care scare so many otherwise rational people?

Why aren’t people more scared that the worker slapping the bun on their burger makes minimum wage, doesn’t have health insurance,...

Julius Tate
28 February 2020

On Friday, February 28th, representatives from the Columbus Freedom Coalition, including Julius Tate Jr.’s parents and sibling, met with mayor Andrew Ginther at the MLK Branch Library to discuss the mayor’s complicity and role in...

Ohio Statehouse
13 February 2020

“Please don’t be my bullies, too.”

These words echoed loud against the salmon-pink walls of room 114 of the Ohio Statehouse. They concluded the testimony of 11-year-old Sean Miller, a transgender girl offering her story of...

Merry go round
08 February 2020

State-run parole and probation programs are designed to keep persons convicted of crimes – including a very large number of non-violent crimes – out of prison. But in Ohio, according to a recent Council of State Governments study, “...

Voting machine
04 February 2020

Donald Trump received the highest Republican presidential vote total in Lake County, Ohio since George Herbert Walker Bush whipped Mike Dukakis in 1988. Trump beat Hillary by 15 points in that county. The Lake County News Herald...

Building being demolished
03 February 2020

The East Side of Columbus – where the Columbus we know now was essentially born – has been much maligned during this modern era. No doubt calls for improvement have been echoing for some time.

The city has done plenty to...


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