11 January 2023

What is described as the “crown jewel” and largest of local Metro Parks – the Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park – is being coveted by RAPID 5, which  someday may build a brewery, the “...

04 January 2023

Raised in Columbus, State Representative Munira Yasin Abdullahi (D-Columbus) yesterday became the first Somali American and Muslim woman to serve in the Ohio General Assembly.  

When she was three years old, her parents fled war-...

Man with family
27 December 2022

On a warm night in October, a small parade of all colors and ages worked their way down a Sullivant Avenue sidewalk on the west side of Columbus in the setting sunlight. At the lead was a young girl, holding up a...

Two men
14 December 2022

A Cincinnati area father whose son committed suicide after being bullied by his Kroger managers is suing the grocery giant for wrongful death. The case claims nothing was done to remedy a hostile and toxic work...

Men talking with police on the street
08 December 2022


The Red Oak Community School, located in the Unitarian Universalist Church in Clintonville, was the site for both a huge success and a huge failure for the Columbus police on Saturday morning. The school had attempted to host an...

Proud Boys
06 December 2022

As disturbing as it was to see the Proud Boys and their fringe groups marching through Clintonville in camo with long rifles slung over shoulders, it is equally as absurd.

One US military veteran on the Columbus Reddit page...


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