Trump in red baseball MAGA hat with mouth open
05 October 2019

Impeachment finally under way

The long-delayed impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump are finally starting, but at present the focus is on a relatively minor crime - the Ukrane-Biden scandal. However, Trump...

E-cigarettes in a circle
02 October 2019

It’s all over the news. Vaping is dangerous, no it’s better than smoke. The problem involves tobacco. No, THC. Additives should be outlawed – no – marijuana should. If you’re confused, concerned or even cautious, let’s shed some light...

Policeman cartoon holding a gun on a small black child with a water pistol
01 October 2019

Three members of the Mayor’s Safety Commission are speaking out about the lack of transparency, candor and trust within the Commission.

Janet Jackson, former City Attorney and governing Chair of the Commission is accused of...

Big box with lid open and two eyes and teeth like a face
30 September 2019

There is an existential threat to all democracies worldwide, a dark corruption, and sinister plot to rip the fundamental rights and duties of a developed civilization from the hands of the most vulnerable. The vicious beast of American...

A river, a bridge and several kayaks
29 September 2019

On an overcast but otherwise pleasant Saturday morning in late September, about 300 volunteers set out on a litter sweep of the Kokosing River. By the time the mud they stirred up had settled, the volunteers had collected more than six...

29 September 2019

Ohio State University will raise the minimum wage of about 3,800 non-union employees to $15 per hour next year. In making the announcement on August 30, OSU President Michael Drake used the language of free market ideology.



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